Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Evil Spirits also have Super -Nature Power 

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

“…Today I would like to talk about how to deal with the spiritual world, what you need to be aware of because there is a way to deal with it but sometimes it is dangerous.

The spiritual world is a subject which is very sensitive and at the same there is danger, do you know why? Buddhism teaches about the “Super- Nature Power of Evil and the Super- Nature Power of Buddha” Evil has five super- nature powers but Buddha has six super nature powers. Five are the same, do you know what those five super nature powers are?…………..

These five super -nature powers are the same for both evil spirits and Buddha. But there is one super -nature power, spiritual power that Buddha has but evil doesn’t and that is not leaking Jaki, not leaking ego from the very existence. This is called “Ro-jinzu”in Japanese and this…

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