Artificial Intelligence: the synchronization of the lower consciousness

Soul in the machine

Did you ever notice how you can be on the phone or talking with someone over a Zoom call about both obscure and non-obscure topics, only to load up your web browser to some social media site and discover that those very topics are being suggested to you? Earlier today, I was speaking with someone who was telling me about her Pomeranian-husky mix. Five minutes later, I was scrolling through Facebook, and there was a story about a Pomeranian-husky mix, as well as some other stories that were related to the topic in the conversation. I’m not surprised. This has been going on for years. However, this time, I saw a connection I hadn’t really seen before.

Before I continue with this post, I just want to acknowledge that whenever I speak about any topic, I try to be as balanced as possible. Everything in this reality is dualistic in…

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