AI: Where Everything is Closer to Nothing at All

Soul in the machine

Nothing is what it seems to be.

The internet seemed to be a medium for communication and publishing, to share and collaborate; to meet people across the world, and to create whatever our imaginations desire. The internet of the early 90s was devoid of corporations, ads, or manipulative algorithms. It wasn’t dead or boring. It was filled with the imagination and efforts of human beings.

But as the internet has grown, it has become a relentless medium of deception, distortion, and manipulation by the powers that own it, through corporate conglomeration of technology, deep early AI algorithms (to create the illusion of user-responsiveness and alignment). In addition to the convenience that these technologies offered, such as social platforms and software, the internet seems to have given us the world – we have access to so many people, services, and information that, only twenty or thirty years ago, were out of…

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