Just Because You Weren’t the First to Cross the Finish Line, You Aren’t a Loser

From Behind the Pen

Image Credit: Circe Denyer

“Because you are not the first to get across the finish line, this does not mean you lost the race. Set your pace for the course. As long as you do and have done your very best to reach the finish line and cross over, then you have succeeded, able and capable, based on your abilities to give it a try.”
With love,

There were times when I pushed myself to exhaustion, trying to keep up the pace of achievement with others on rules they set. I felt by a certain age, I needed to have acquired certain things and achieved desired results. That is what society led me to believe, and I fell for it. The older I got, I found out that I could not march to the beat of stretch goals made by others for themselves because it was impossible. Plus, we…

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