10 demands from the Amazon

Asamblea Mundial por la Amazonía

[Español, Português]

There is a place where the rivers flow, where the Cure of the Earth lives; where the spiritual reserve of life, the medicines and the knowledge to live well are found; where the communities maintain hope, care and take care of us. That place is the Amazon.

Source of life, the Amazon is threatened with death! Forces of environmental depredation and global chains invade the region generating plunder, violence, violation of rights and destruction. Extractivism tears and poisons the Earth, destroys forests and communities, rivers and the climate. Corporations profit from ecocide and ethnocide in the Amazon, threatening life as a whole and aggravated by climate change.

In defense of the Amazon, indigenous peoples are rising up, like those of Ecuador who brought their country to a standstill for 18 days. Their struggle is our struggle! Now, self-called in the 2nd Global Assembly for the…

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