Good People Doing Good Things — Young Lifesavers!

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Kids today, right?  I remember hearing when I was a teen that my generation was going to destroy the world, that we were lazy and had crazy ideas and likely ‘wouldn’t never amount to nuthing’.  Well, most of us turned out okay (no political commentary allowed on ‘good people’ posts), but the same is said, it seems, of every generation when they are young.  But, when you look beneath the surface, you just might find that today’s youth are pretty kind, caring people.

Just over a week ago, a group of high school boys in Rome, Georgia, were heading to school on a Friday morning when they saw a horrific car crash!  The boys – Treyvon Adams, 16, was driving, Antwion Carey, 16, Tyson Brown, 17, and Alto Moore, 16 – immediately stopped and ran to the car where they could hear a woman screaming for help.  Fellow teammate Cesar…

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