Without tropical forests, global temperatures would be 1°c warmer

Boycott the Brands causing deforestation for PALM OIL, SOIL and MEAT. #Boycott4Wildlife

Palm Oil Detectives

Lausanne, Switzerland (24 March)—New research released today offers the most comprehensive and detailed evidence to date that forests are more important to the climate (globally and locally) than we think due to the way in which they physically transform the atmosphere. The first-ever research to pinpoint the local, regional and global non-carbon dioxide benefits of specific forest zones worldwide finds that the entire world gains the most benefits from the band of tropical rainforests spanning Latin America, Central Africa and Southeast Asia.

Research: Forests are more important to the climate than we think . The heart of the tropics is at the heart of the planet. Forests are critical for our survival. #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife

It finds that, together, forests keep the planet at least half of a degree Celsius cooler when we account for the understudied biophysical effects—from chemical compounds to turbulence and the reflection of light. These effects…

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