Saturday Surprise — Animal Myths

Filosofa's Word

Somehow, I fell into the rabbit hole earlier this week and was struggling to find a bit of humour to share for this morning’s Saturday Surprise.  So, I took a trip back through the archives to September 2018 and found some fun there!  Surely, those of you who were following Filosofa’s Word way back then have forgotten this post and it will be as new to you, right?  Except Keith … Keith never forgets anything!

The story, from ThoughtCo, is titled …

12 Animal Stereotypes and the Truth Behind Them

… but in the interest of time and space, I am only sharing 7 of the 12.  However, you can see the whole lot here if you feel so inclined!

Are Owls Really Wise?OwlFolks think owls are wise for the same reason they think people who wear glasses are smart: unusually big eyes are taken as a sign of…

Ver la entrada original 977 palabras más

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