♫ What A Wonderful World ♫ (Redux)

…I think to myself what a wonderful world !

Filosofa's Word

I think right about now there are a lot of us who are feeling discouraged about many things, maybe even the future of life on planet Earth.  I know I’ve been in a royal funk for a couple of days now, unable to write or do much of anything, so I thought maybe it was time for a song with a genuinely upbeat spin, and who better to do that than the immortal Louis Armstrong?  I last played this one in June 2020 … just over 2 years ago.

I was probably around ten years old when I saw Louis Armstrong in person.  I remember being agog at how big he could make his cheeks when playing the trumpet!  I also fell in love with his gravelly voice and the look of kindness in his eyes.  Ever since, I have been a Louis Armstrong fan.

I just finished writing a…

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