Our entire civilisation depends on animals. It’s time we recognised their true value! — Stigmatis

“The fact is, though, that our society and economy are embedded in a natural system that is maintained by the activities of animals, and without them, WE WOULD NOT BE HERE.!

Animals are vital for the functioning of the biosphere in innumerable ways…their interacions with plants,fungi, and microbes sustain the conditions on which we , ALONG WITH ALL OTHER LIFE, depend.

Most of the food plants we grow are dependent on ANIMAL POLLINATION mostly by wild insects.

The more we learn about the relationships between humans and another life on Earth (Gaia), the more it is apparent, that we are EMBEDDED in a WEB of CONNECTIONS that have fundamental bearings on our wellbeing and security.

In our MODERN DISCONNECTED society, this truth is too often overlooked.

We MUST shift our collective perspective away from being primarily a self-centred species…to seeing ourselves as part of a wider natural system in which we have RESPONSABILITIES towards other lifeforms.

This is not only an ETHICAL AGENDA but a question of SURVIVAL, here on Earth (Gaia).

Barbara Crane Navarro

Most plants grown for food are dependent on pollination by wild insects, which also help to hold together complex ecosystems such as rainforests.Photograph: Chris Miller/Getty/EyeEm Tony Juniper | jun. 9 2022 We must restore our largely broken relationship with nature if we are to ensure the planet’s future – and our own. Asked to consider[…]

Our entire civilisation depends on animals. It’s time we recognised their true value — Stigmatis

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