Plausible Science Fiction: Cyber-telepathy by John R. Canter

Hundreds of Worlds

Science fiction, being fiction, is often filled with outlandish ideas. From faster-than-light speed starships, human-like aliens, or handy laser pistols, sci-fi is full of the impossible, improbable, and the impractical. But let’s look at an idea that may actually be within the realm of what’s possible.

Telepathic abilities are popular in fantasy, science, and superhero fiction. But is it the sort of superpower that we could actually possess?

The Basic Premise: Combine brain computer interfacing, transcranial directed stimulation, and text messaging or mobile communication together to allow people to communicate using thoughts rather than speech or writing.

Part 1: Brain Computer Interfacing (BCI) (Link 1, 2)

Even going back to the early days of the business and personal computer, two of the main concepts in their construction are the use of input and output devices. While output devices are usually screens and audio speakers, input…

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