Electronic Telepathy – v2k

Black Ops Library

The technologies I have witnessed will undoubtedly revolutionize our society once perfected in the public domain. Currently they are weaponized by conspiring intelligence and military sources.

Electronic Telepathy is a potent technology that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and exotic electromagnetic technology to produce methods of communicating directly from one mind to another, or interacting directly via one’s mind with an artificial intelligence operator.

Electronic Telepathy, Synthetic Telepathy, Artificial Telepathy, AI Based Telepathy, Microwave Auditory Effect, Microwave Hearing, RF Hearing, Radio Frequency Hearing Effect, “The Voice of God”, Voice to Skull (v2k).

Black Project Tech: Electronic Telepathy ~ v2k


The following technologies I have personally witnessed:

• Any Living Being Including Animal and Insect Personal Mental Signatures can be Interfaced (Remote Neural Monitoring Based)
• Any Existent or Fictional Being can be Artistically Impersonated
• Any Concept Reproducible for Communication Purposes (The Concept Library of the Universe)
• Any…

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