Biophotons as a possible missing link in non-local communication from cellular communication to telepathy.


A few days ago I started reading a new book called Consciousness and the Source of Reality by Robert G Jahn and Brenda J Dunne, who are two scientists who are a part of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratories (P.E.A.R). They describe this book as their “attempt to record some of the tactics developed, experiences encountered, and understanding acquired on this mist-shrouded exploration, in the hope that their preservation in this format will encourage future scholarly penetrations into the ultimate Source of Reality.”

In the beginning of the book it is expressed that neo-Darwinism, random mutation, and natural selection are not a complete explanation for evolution. There are many missing pieces that are needed to fully explain its complexity, such as the evolutionary relatedness among various groups of organisms and the increase in the progressive independence of them. The book explains that Antonia Guiditta had proposed a “spiral mechanism of…

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