A Brief Cosmic History: Lyra

Sunny's Journal

Playa del Ballena, Costa Rica, photo by Eliza Ayres

A Brief Cosmic History


In every story, there is a kernel of truth.  It is up to the reader to discern what feels resonant to them.  I’m just relating my understanding right now. Writing these essays is my way of incorporating knowledge. I need to feel into it, not just read or listen and then regurgitate. Discover your own approach required to truly comprehend and incorporate this new information, as well as everything we will be hit with once the old slave systems completely collapse. There is no reason for fear. Fear has been used as a weapon against humanity since before the fall of Atlantis, a very effective weapon, I might add. By incorporating the information, which is Light, we begin to change our DNA and our outlook on the future of humanity and of this planet, our Home.

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