Homo Luminous 101: Your Truth

Winging with Whitehawk

Following is such a rich & beautiful message — Arcturan this time — I wanted to make sure it came to your attention. It transmits excellent mentoring for humans preparing to step into an entirely new, higher-frequency, powerful, rarified energy field.


Greetings dear ones.  We of the Arcturian group welcome you to a new age, to a new way of seeing, and  new light of understanding that is blanketing the earth at this time. We see Light moving though many places that heretofore have been in darkness.  Many who were stuck in tradition and old energy are beginning to  open, even if just a little, to new ways of seeing and being.  The Light is surrounding you dear ones, and this is acting to dissolve and break the bonds of those shadows that you have lived under for so long.

There is coming a time very shortly, when you…

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