DNA and LIGHT communication

“The existence of internal photo (inner light) is very real and is the basis of virtually all human cellular and systemic function”.

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Scientifically proven – every cell in the body emits more than 100,000 photons per second. These light emissions are not emitted only by humans but by every living creature, called biophotons and steering mechanism behind all the biochemical reactions in scientific research Biophotons observed and measured using special equipment since the Septuagint, began his pioneering studies of the biophysicist Fritz-Albert Pope. Since 30 academic research papers published in scientific journals.

According to Dr. F, for each biochemical reaction has the introduction of the electromagnetic signal
The classical models of chemistry and physics, light is emitted when electrons “excited” higher energy state and then fall back down to a lower energy state, which occurs every time a chemical reaction. Traditionally, biology and medicine focused on the biochemical reactions between proteins, DNA, and other molecules in the cell. However, the biophoton always ejected before each biochemical reaction. Without biophoton signal, there can…

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