Fallacies of Karma and its Relation to Injustice

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You have a motorbike accident and hurt yourself. Or you lend money to a friend and they don’t pay you back, causing you to feel stress over whether you will ever recoup the money you lent. Another friend, resenting something from a personal conflict, smiles knowingly, and announces that this is a result of your karma for having hurt them. Nice isn’t it? Something bad happens to you and your friends or acquaintances jump on it as proof of your wrongdoing. Welcome to the world of popular use of the term “karma”!

(this is the first part of two posts on karma.  To view the second part (click here))

Karma in Conflict with Concept of Injustice

But my concerns with the concept of karma go beyond this popular use of the term karma, to more fundamental issues with its use in its original context in eastern religions such as…

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