Telepathy with Animals

Dawn's Animal Connection

Do animals communicate telepathically with each other?

Animals can communicate with one another telepathically, with their own species and cross-species.  This is not to say that they always understand one another, or agree to “get along”.  In consultations I have received complaints from dogs that the cat is “saying rude things”; on the other hand some animals who seem to interact very little physically, are sometimes close friends because of their telepathic connection.  Animals are very aware of telepathy, and they consider their thoughts to be “out loud”.  A wild rabbit will avoid telling its fellow rabbits about an illness to avoid having a fox intercept the telepathic message.

Are animals surprised when a human communicates with them telepathically?

Animals are rarely surprised when I contact them.  They are accustomed to “hearing” the thoughts of humans, and many assume that humans can hear their thoughts.  Usually it is the opposite…

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