Sri Yantra – Structure of Unified Space Time

“The true nature of the underlying field wherein there is a continuous flow, within vortex of energy emerge”.



The symbol known as the Sri Yantra is an ancient Hindu symbol comprised of nine triangles that are interlaced in such a way as to form 43 smaller triangles in a web said to be symbolic of the entire cosmos.

The 64 tetrahedron grid is also the foundational seed geometry of the fabric of the vacuum . Everything is connected by this structure of space the principle behind cosmic entanglement .

When you pass Light thru a 64 Tetrahedron or  3D Sri Yantra or Alternating Merkaba or Vector Equilibrium consisting only of straight lines it casts a shadow of the Flower of Life consisting only of Curves .

Sri Yantra thus represents the Vector Equilibrium and Isotropic Vector Matrix which is the geometry of the fabric of vaccum .


As has been stated throughout this blog , the Vector Equilibrium (VE) is the most primary geometric energy array in the cosmos…

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