Heart Healing: Coherence

Justina Hurley

Heart Coherence

Following from a previous post 10 Things to know about the Power of the Heart this video from the HeartMath Institute provides a very well visualised description of heart coherence.

Coherence plays an important role in helping the body to regain homeostatic balance especially when under pressure due to stress and/or anxiety.

Complementary therapists welcome the research of institutions such as HeartMath as coherence is also an important part of energy therapy and the visuals here depict the world of energy medicine very nicely.


From HeartMath:

The Spiritual Heart — is in a way a little like a smart phone, invisibly connecting us to a large network of information. It is through an unseen energy that the heart emits that humans are profoundly connected to all living things. The energy of the heart literally links us to each other. Every person’s heart contributes to a ‘collective field environment.’ This…

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